Pesticide Certification

Pesticide Certification Review Program (Virginia Only)

Each review day focuses on different study manuals.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pesticide Review – CORE

8:00am – 4:30pm

Covers Applying Pesticide Correctly manual. Recommended for first-time applicators in private categories 90 and 91, and registered technician, commercial category 60. Manual included in program cost. This program is intended for those seeking certification or as a refresher course ONLY. For Recertification, please see Thursday’s Pesticide Recertification schedule.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pesticide Review – 3A & 3B

8:00am – 4:30pm

Review of 3A and 3B manuals on ornamentals and turf. Recommended for those seeking certification in commercial categories 3A and 3B ONLY. For Recertification, please see the Pesticide Recertification schedule.


You can take your VA Pesticide exams the old fashioned way: with a proctor, paper, and pencil.  Pesticide exams are also administered at VA DMV offices at a computer kiosk.  No MAHSC registration is required, but you must register with VDACS. MAHSC testing session is held after classes end on Friday morning at 8:00am..

Commercial Applicators

  • Register with MAHSC for testing
    • Select CORE, 2, 3A, 3B, 5A, 6, 10, 60 on MAHSC registration (VDACS requires you to take the CORE with each category exam, even if you have already passed the Category 60: Registered Technician exam.)
  • Register with VDACS (use the following steps):
    • Ten business days prior to MAHSC, submit application + required fee to: VDACS Office of Pesticide Service (OPS),CLRT Unit, PO Box 526, Richmond, VA 23218-0526. After approval, you will receive a letter authorizing you to take VDACS exams.
    • Registered technicians require 40 hours of education and training administered by a commercial applicator, whose certificate number must be included on the application.
    • Commercial applicators need verification of a minimum of 12 months of pesticide experience or education.
    • Questions: VDACS OPS Unit at 804-786-3798.
  • On test day, bring VDACS authorization letter, photo ID, calculator and pencil. No FAX is available – you must have letter in hand.

Private Applicators

  • Select Private 90, 91 on MAHSC registration form.
  • No pre-approval required from any state agency.
  • Bring a photo ID, calculator and pencil to exam.