Pesticide Recertification

To maintain pesticide applicator certification, most states require you to attend a fully-approved, category-specific recertification session every two years. MAHSC has designed a program that allows you to receive your pesticide recertification for several states and categories all in one day. We apply to 12 State agencies plus the District of Columbia for recertification approval. See our Pesticide Recertification approvals to date here.

Seeking approval for VA Commercial Categories: 2 Forestry; 3A Ornamentals, 3B Turfgrass, 5A Aquatics,

6 Right-of-Way, 8 Public Health, 10 Research & Education, 60 Registered Tech     and

VA Private Categories: 90 Forestry, 91 Ornamentals

Thursday, 21 January, 2016

Pesticide Recertification Program

8:00-9:00 am

Update on New Insects of Landscapes and Dwellings.

Eric Day, Manager, VTech Insect ID Lab

Hear from Virginia’s front-line entomologist what bugs have been active in trees, shrubs, ponds, production nurseries and in our turfgrass. Eric will also update us on the pests that drive every one crazy – starting with Bed Bugs, Ticks and Mosquitos. Stop scratching and start listening to learn proper insect ID, thresholds for treatment and effective control measures for the bothersome insect pests.

9:15 – 10:15 am

Plant Pathological Problems

Mike Likins, County Agent, VA Cooperative Extension, Chesterfield

Does your plant look a bit green in the gills? Maybe it should – look green that is. Mike guides us through a decision making process to deduce why plants look sick, what might be the cause, how to rectify the problem and when to act with a treatment – whether cultural, chemical or physical. From turf yellowing to fuzzy hemlock needle axils – if you follow these steps of deduction, you develop the knowledge to nurture plants back to health.

10:30 -11:30 am

VDACS & Legal Update

Rohan Williams, Compliance Manager, VDACS Office of Pesticide Services  

Clint Shettle, Supervisor, Enforcement & Field Operations, VDACS OPS  

What’s new in pesticide regulations? How will these changes alter your day to day pest management strategy? Hear the latest from our state pesticide authority with updates coming down from federal departments in the EPA.

LUNCH Grab & Stay – During Lunch Break:

12 – 12:30 pm                    VA Ballroom Stage

PPE & Safety Gear Demo

Experience head-to-toe protection products including: Hand Protection, Head Protection, Footwear, Full-body Clothing, Eye and Face Protection, Respiratory Protection, First Aid and Eye Wash and Hearing Protection. Learn what is available to protect you on the job.

12:45 – 1:15 pm               VA Ballroom Stage

Weed Watch & Control Options

Weeds – everyone hates them! Whether floating in the irrigation pond, sprouting tall in the annual bed or blotching up the 3rd fairway, these plants are pests and need to be dealt with successfully- the first time. Hear the latest in pre-emergent application, in season treatments & new products available for putting your weed issues out to pasture.

1:30 – 2:30 pm

Better Red than Dead – How Plants Deal with Environmental Stress

Linda Chalker-Scott; Urban Horticulture Specialist, Washington State University

Do you know that plants are very sophisticated when it comes to dealing with stress? They have their own means of chemical warfare or sacrificial rituals to stay alive in our urban & suburban environments. Learn about anthocyanins – the red, blue and purple plant pigments. They are aesthetically striking, but their presence in leaves makes photosynthesis less efficient. This session explains the various reasons why leaves turn red, and why anthocyanins might just save a plant’s life.

2:45 – 3:45 pm

Crimes Against Horticulture: When Bad Choices Mean the Plant Police Get Called In!

Billy Goodnick; Landscape Architect, Santa Barbara, CA

Join the force – you know these “crimes” when you see them: crape murder, mulch volcanoes, shrubs tortured into hockey pucks. They aren’t just visually creepy, they’re bad horticulture. Learn the root causes of these misdeeds and how smart design and enlightened maintenance practices can keep you from becoming a serial offender. Save yourself from a life of crime by choosing the best plants & maintaining them well. “Most Wanted” landscapers will be named & shamed – don’t be on their side!

4:00 pm

Paperwork collection and validation