Pesticide Recertification

To maintain pesticide applicator certification, most states require you to attend a fully-approved, category-specific recertification session every two years. MAHSC has designed a program that allows you to receive your pesticide recertification for several states and categories all in one day. We apply to 12 State agencies plus the District of Columbia for recertification approval. Click here to see a list of current state and category approvals.

Thursday, 16 January, 2014

8:00 am – 2:30 pm (Lunch on your own)

discountProgram of Classes and Speakers

7:00 am                     Registration Opens

7:30-7:45  am          Welcome / Introductory remarks by MAHSC Board Member

7:45 -8:45 am          Plant Health Threats to Water Gardens, Woodlands & Landscapes

Mike Likins, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Chesterfield, VA

This seasoned plant pathologist warns us about problems affecting our landscapes, water gardens and woodlands. Learn who the pest is with proper ID, how to protect your plants’ health against these threats, and when to apply an appropriate control strategy to keep your landscapes lush.

8:45-9:30 am           IPM Strategies for Pest Control in Turf & Ornamental Management Areas

Robert Barksdale, President, RBB Consulting, Blue Ridge, VA

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires thorough scouting, proper ID, understanding of the pest’s life cycle and clear decision making regarding when and how to act to protect plant health. Get the latest landscape protection strategies from a seasonal professional in the trade.

9:30-9:45 am           BREAK

9:45-10:30 am         How to Kill A Tree – for Good!

Adam Downing, Forestry & Natural Resources, VA Cooperative Extension, Northern District

Many woody plants don’t like to die when cut.  Spraying leaves of big bushes or trees is hard to do, can be expensive and may result in intended consequences.  Join us for a little chemistry and some technique for a lot better results when trying to kill woody plants you don’t want and protect the woody plant you do.

10:30 -11:15 am      Pesticide Jeopardy

Robert Barksdale, President, RBB Consulting, Blue Ridge, VA

This is a RE-certification right? Show that you know your stuff:  Join in and let’s see who in the audience remembers their pesticide knowledge in these Jeopardy categories: IPM, Legal & Regulatory, IPM, Personal Protective gear, Calibration, Pesticides in the environment, Labels, Labeling and more! Let the game begin.

11:15 -12:00  pm     Lunch (on your own)


Megan Tierney, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Hampton, VA

Remember your CORE values? This presentation reminds you that safety begins with the applicator in all pesticide procedures. Remember you are responsible for your personal safety and protecting the environment while suiting up in your PPE, mixing and loading sprayers, hitting your target plants & pests and finally in washing up and disposal of materials. A light-hearted reminder of your CORE values.

12:45 – 1:15 pm       EPA & VDACS Legal Update

Rohan Williams, Compliance Manager, VDACS, OPS

What’s happening in Virginia’s pesticide regulatory agency that could affect your business?  Will changes at EPA affect you here in Virginia?  Find out the latest in this presentation.

1:15 – 2:00 pm         Managing Pests In & Around Water

Matthew Phillips, Aquatic Biologist, Environmental Scientist, SOLitude Lake Management

What is different about the stream-bank, shoreline or aquatic environment when it comes to managing pests? Almost everything from a regulatory perspective – except the pest itself. Hear why you can really be in over your head and how applicators must think differently about control choices in these environments. We still need to manage the beauty of these environments, just manage them environmentally.

2:00 – 2:15 pm         Complete Paperwork & End of program

To recertify:

  • Pay MAHSC registration
  • Attend classes all day
  • Fill out your paperwork correctly
  • Pay state pesticide agency’s renewal fees ( fees will be billed directly to you by your pesticide agency during your state’s renewal cycle)


You must attend the full day of classes to receive recertification. Latecomers will not be admitted; please arrive early to allow time to complete the necessary forms. You will need your applicator number.